Health Hero

Be a Health Hero tools for parents and educators.

Be a Health Hero, a locally-developed program, provides information to support kids and their parents in establishing, promoting and modeling healthy eating and physical activity habits. The campaign was created by HEAL-SLO coalition members: SLO County Department of Public Health, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Juiciful Creative, the Dairy Council of California, and the SLO County Office of Education. The resources/materials have been funded by the SLO County Community Foundation, as well as the previously mentioned partners.

Here are some Health Hero tools you can use:

Printable Posters If you would like to print your own copy of the Health Hero poster series, click on the following link: healthhero_posters8.5in

Printable Teacher lessons and parent handouts – These resources were developed specific to each poster for K-2nd grade parents and teachers.  The parent handout is in English AND SPANISH!  Feel free to download them, as well as the other attachments that were sent with the lessons!  See below…

1) Play at Super Speed (September):

Parent Handout – “CCAN Farmers Market List” ENG & SPAN

Teacher Lesson – “CCAN Farmers Market List” ENG and “Enjoy Moving

2) Blast Off with Milk (November):

Parent Handout – “Sugar Shockers” ENG & SPAN, “Healthy Snacks” ENG & SPAN and “ReThink Your Drink” handout in ENG & SPAN

Teacher Lesson – “MyPyramid worksheet” ENG & SPAN, “Search for Sugar”, “ReThink Your Drink” handout ENG

3) Fuel Up with a Fistul (January):

Parent Handout – “Serving Size Comparison Chart” ENG & SPAN, “Servings Chart ENG & SPAN”, “Healthy Eating for your Preschooler” ENG & SPAN

Teacher Lesson – “Serving Size Comparison Chart” ENG & SPAN, “Servings Chart ENG & SPAN”, “MyPyramid/Food Group coloring page

4) Wake Up, Power Up (April):

Parent Handout – “Breakfast Handout” by Dairy Council ENG & SPAN

Teacher Lesson – “Eat the Rainbow” coloring sheet


Healthy Eating for Your Preschooler ENG and SPAN,   Sugar Shockers! (SPAN)

Rethink Your Drink at Preschool!,  ReThink Your Drink at School!

Good for Your Teeth!,  Drink Water! color sheet, ReThink Your Drink Classroom Poster

10 Sugar Facts:  Sugar Facts #1 (SPAN), Sugar Facts #2 (SPAN), Sugar Facts #3 (SPAN), Sugar Facts #4 (SPAN), Sugar Facts #5 (SPAN)