Back to School Time


 Make this a healthy and safe school year by following these tips:

Make sure your child is safe in the bus or car – Always use a seat belt and/or an age and size appropriate car or booster seat when riding in the car. If they ride a bus that has seat belts, make sure your kids know to always buckle in.

Kids should always wear helmets when riding a bike. Follow traffic rules including riding the same direction as traffic, stop at all stopping signs, and using hand signals when making turns.

Walk safe routes to school that have crossing guards at every intersection. Practice the route with your kids. Think about organizing a ”walking school bus” so your child has friends to walk with.  

Pack lunches that are nutritious and safe for teeth. Crunchy foods, like carrots and celery, act like “tooth scrubbers,” and cheese neutralizes acid in the mouth. Encourage kids to drink water after eating. Avoid foods like raisins and fruit leather that stick in the teeth; they will be sitting there all afternoon.