YMCA 3rd Annual Jump Rope Competition

In the spirit of Let’s Move SLO’s activities for the month of April, the San Luis Obispo County Y is hosting its 3rd Annual Jump Rope Competition.  The Y after-school participants will be competing with speed and finesse at Cuesta College on May 5, 2012, and will include students from Cambria to Grover Beach.  “Let’s Move SLO!” is highlighting this event for its inclusion of youth throughout the county, and for its objective: to get youth moving! 

For the past 12 weeks, jump rope teams have been honing their skills to compete and demonstrate newly learned abilities.  In conjunction with others moving throughout the county for the month of April, students are currently practicing to receive high marks on tricks, synchronicity, choreography, and athleticism on May 5, 2012.  As with “Let’s Move SLO’s!” other highlighted events for the month of April, this program is an exciting way to bring fun and fitness to San Luis   Obispo County.  The competition will buzz with excitement, as high speed jumps, and carefully choreographed routines set to music are set to fill center stage.  All participants will be applauded for their efforts in this friendly competition, where community members are invited to attend free of charge and learn a trick or two at jumping rope!  A Heal SLO informational booth will be available at the Jump Rope Competition for participants and residents to access healthy eating and active living resources.  The “Let’s Move SLO!” campaign will come to a close at this event.