Free Recreation

Below are some activities you can do in your own neighborhood at a nearby school or park.  Remember to start any physical or recreation activity at a reasonable pace. For example, don’t try to run a mile the first day.  If you make it too hard you are more likely to quit.  So be realistic.

Start by walking around your block or around the local track.  Work up to walking around two blocks or around the track four times.  Then you can time yourself and attempt to walk the same distance but in a shorter amount of time.  Or, you can buy a pedometer and set a walking goal for each day or each week.  Try to make it fun.   Consider this your time.

Ideas – Physical Activities
Backpacking Frisbee Running
Basketball Hiking Sightseeing
Bicycling Horseshoes Swimming in the ocean
Children’s Play Equipment Roller Blading Tennis
Disc Golf Roller Skating Walking