CX3: Community Health Assessments

CX3 Community Health Assessments

Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention

In the fall of 2007, Healthy Eating, Active Living – San Luis Obispo and the San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation decided that two local communities could benefit from conducting community health assessments using the CX3 format. CX3 is a program planning framework that involves taking an in-depth look at communities to identify areas in need of improvement. Because the community itself has a critical role to play in preventing obesity, CX3 examines communities in relation to a variety of obesity prevention benchmarks referred to as community indicators. These CX3 indicators set standards of excellence in nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention.

The CX3 community health assessments are conducted by on-the-ground surveying of food availability at local food stores and fast food outlets, food and physical activity outdoor marketing around schools and parks, and walkability. Walkability is the concept that an area is easily traveled by foot. A “walkable” community is designed with people in mind first, cars second. Indicators of walkability include low speed limits, safe crossings and accessible sidewalks.

In February, the San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation funded the hire of an AmeriCorps volunteer, Jennifer McNeil, to facilitate and conduct the CX3 surveying project. Jennifer recruited volunteers from Paso Robles High School and Arroyo Grande High School to assist on the surveying in the North and South County, respectively. Surveys in the North County were conducted in San Miguel and around Paso Robles High School, where San Miguel teens go to high school. These surveys were done in May of 2008. The surveys in the South County were conducted in Oceano and around Arroyo Grande High School, where Oceano teens attend high school. These surveys were done in July of 2008.

The data from the surveys is available in the “CX3 Community Health Assessment” report (coming soon). This data may be used for raising community support, measuring change over time, and grant writing, especially Safe Routes to School Grants.

Your browser may not support display of this image.If you are interested in conducting CX3 surveys in your community, please visit the CX3 area of this website for a training manual on how to implement this program (coming soon).

Download PDF’s:

cx3 Comprehensive Walkability report