Destination Imagination team inspires results…

This year the National Dairy Council sponsored a 6th challenge that required students who chose it to try to come up with a way to improve fitness and nutrition at their school.  See how 4 girls from Ocean View Elementary in Arroyo Grande accomplished this!


 “Our Destination Imagination group decided to work with the 103  fourth graders at Ocean View.  We began with a letter to each family and a beginning survey that the students filled out.

Part one:  Once a week for 6 weeks we did tastings of new and different foods (fruit, veggies, dairy and whole wheat products)  After each tasting we asked the students to fill out a “survey” that rated the food:  loved it, liked it, not my favorite or yuk.  After each tasting we would tally the results.

Part two:  Once a week, for 6 weeks we wrote a 1-page newsletter called “Play With Your Food”   We used the newsletter to tell about the foods that were tasted and thanked the farmer who donated by name, we presented the percents from the tasting tally’s, the fitness activities for the week, a recipe that used one of the foods tasted that week, a shopping guide to follow (like used brown rice instead of white so you will get more fiber – or mix 1/2 and 1/2 for a “healthy alternative”), we also had a “did you know” column.   

Part three: Twice a week for 6 weeks we set up a fitness course around the field and the 4th graders at lunch recess could run, walk, skip or around the field.  They had a necklace that they wore that the we punched each time they came around.  During the 6-week program we had 86% of the 4th graders participate. 

We ended with a survey that was like the one in the beginning, but we added extra questions about our program.” (See below.)




96% of 4th graders filled out the beginning survey

99% of 4th graders filled out ending survey 


86% of the 4th graders participated in our fitness program! (That’s really good. The

          person with the most laps had 104 laps!  That’s almost a marathon! The class that

          won for most participation had 100% participation!)

4th graders who said they get 1 hour of fitness per day “most of the time” increased from 22 to 43%.

74% of the 4th graders “had fun while exercising at recess” (26% did not have fun)

74% of the 4th graders “exercise more than they did before the program started”

85%  of the 4th graders “wish the program could continue” (15% said they would not want it to continue) 


4th graders who said they drink 3 cups of milk per day increased from 18 to 34%.

4th graders who said they ate 3 servings of veggies per day decreased from 14 to 12%,

      BUT the number who said they eat 4 servings a day increased from 6 to 14%.

4th graders who said they ate 3 servings of fruit per day decreased from 23 to 16%,

      BUT the number who said they ate 5 servings per day increase from 6 to 8%

92% of the 4th graders participated in the weekly tasting program

83% of the 4th graders tasted food they had never tasted before

57% of the 4th graders are now MORE willing to taste new foods (43% said they are NOT more willing)

Destination Imagination and the National Dairy Challenge will sponsor another kid-centered healthy eating healthy living challenge for 2010.

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