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Warning Labels for Sugary Drinks: New Model Legislation

Warning Labels for Sugary Drinks: New Model Legislation | ChangeLab Solutions

Warning Labels for Sugary Drinks: New Model Legislation

Increasingly, Americans are demanding more information about what they eat and drink. A 2012 Associated Press poll found that 79 percent of respondents thought that lack of information about what is in food contributes to high rates of overweight and obesity. In the same poll, 83 percent of respondents favored government policies that provide the public with information about how to make healthy diet choices.

In response to these emerging trends, governments are developing policies to provide people with more comprehensive health information. And as more research links sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption to obesity and chronic disease, governments are increasingly considering policies designed to educate consumers about the health effects of sugary drinks.

Earlier this year, legislation requiring a safety warning informing consumers of the health risks of SSBs was introduced in California. Although the bill didn’t pass, it has prompted other states to consider similar legislation. Most recently, Assembly Bill 10172 was introduced in New York; like SB 1000 in California, this bill would require a safety warning on sugary drinks.

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HEAL-SLO Member Mixer

May 12

May is Bike Month!

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Bike Month is the largest community organized event in San Luis Obispo County. Grab your friends, family and co-workers and compete in iRide Community Bike Challenge or attend one of the many volunteer hosted events on the calendar happening countywide throughout May. Click here for more information and opportunities

May 05

Drink Water Week

This campaign runs from May 4-10, 2014. Our purpose is to advocate healthy beverage options and educate about sugar-sweetened beverages in association to their negative health effects.

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Drink Water Week Toolkits

Drink Water Week



Drink Water Week Toolkit- HEALSLO

Teacher Toolkit  Elementary K-8

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